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I absolutely love reading books, and I’ve discovered the depth of this love during the past few years when it’s become harder and harder to make time for reading in my busy schedule. I used to think it was crazy when my mom would tell me about this common loss for time, but I just didn’t understand. There was time for me to read when I was at school, when I got home from school, before bed, on the weekends, and even while just traveling around in the car. I definitely took it for granted. Now, I’m the one driving the car, teachers take your book up if you’re reading in class, I use all of my time after school to make a dent in my homework, I’m exhausted by the time I go to bed, and my brain is mush when the weekend comes at last. Anyway, you get my point… I’ve noticed, though, how when I do read, I’m usually in a better mood, I have interesting ideas running through my head, and I come up with better topics to write about when it comes time to write some sort of essay. I really enjoy it, and it helps me. So… recently and especially over the summer, I’ve been trying extra hard to make time to read some cool books, and I’ve been feeling really proud of myself as I finish each one. I find myself forming all of these opinions about the books as I’m reading them and connecting them to lots of other books and things I’ve read or heard about, so I decided that it might be fun to start writing book reviews on the ones I feel most strongly about. And, of course, while I’m writing book reviews, I might as well go ahead and write movie reviews, too. Those are always fun! Another little thing I’ve found myself doing is testing myself after I’ve written a review, and I compare the one I’ve written to another review written about the same book or movie by a more experienced reviewer. (It’s definitely interesting, and a few times, I’ve found that both of us actually hold some of the same opinions!) It feels good! If you’re interested in reading some of my latest reviews, see here.



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