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Art is definitely one of my passions, second only to ballet, but I felt that I should put it separate from my passions because it would be nice to have a whole online gallery. I love art history, admiring art, interpreting art, and of course creating art, but sometimes it can be a workload, as well. Still, I feel like I always grow with each project, so I hope I always keep it up. Click here to see posts about my collection of pieces, and continue checking to see the pieces I’m working on.

34 thoughts on “Art Portfolio

  1. cherylmoore says:

    Beautifully painted artwork, and I love the illustration of Audrey Hepburn (my favourite)

  2. violetski says:

    Beautiful artworks❤

  3. kartikasays says:

    Your artwork is charming in the best possible way – your blog really makes me happy and inspires me to go to my own art table!!!!

  4. 1EarthUnited says:

    Your artwork is amazing, keep up the great fun! I am enjoying them tremendously, esp. your ballet sketch. Keep creating, u’r awesome!

  5. Robyn Lee says:

    Such astonishing talent you have. Beautiful work indeed!
    Love and Blessings ~ Robyn

    • mamiesmith says:

      Thank you so much for the compliments! I enjoyed reading your story on your blog tremendously. It was so inspirational, and I can’t wait to continue reading it and seeing your photography.

  6. Very nice, Mamie! You have a good control of line and great play with color. I hope you continue to experiment. Ballet is a physical release, but art is a completely different form of personal development. Good luck!

    • mamie says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for your comment! I really appreciate it. If you ever have any advice or critique for my pieces, I would absolutely love to get it for improvement and stuff!

  7. Mamie,
    Quite an archive of work. I enjoyed your stuff a lot and think of how you may grow in your pursuits. I think of a few things though when viewing your works, first always sign your work I am guessing that the many without a signature are in fact signed but not visible because of the photo shot. Plus a signature is better than initials but something is better than nothing.
    Think of all the artists in the world! Wow! There are artists in every High School and College and how many are there? Millions? Trillions? Gazillions? Well we know a whole lot..right? Well consider what traits in your works that would tell the viewer, ahh that’s Mamie’s work. An edge or style or something special to you. I bet you would pick as your favorites when looking at your own work probably the more detailed and exacting likenesses which are wonderful yes but I would probably pick the ones that look like something I have never seen before and unique to you out of the bagillion artists in the world…. Maybe something to think about in your youth when deciding on your own artistic identity…. Thank you and am looking for more from you…

    • mamie says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for your valuable advice! It always helps to get direction on the journey that I am still working to figure out, especially from such an incredible and accomplished artist. (I absolutely love your work.) I’ve always wondered how to capture originality and a name for myself, so that is definitely a goal that I will continue to work toward. I also want to work to gain that depth and thought-provoking aspect to my art. Right now, I’m focusing on staying productive, and I need to get in the habit of setting aside some time every day. Thank you again for your meaningful feedback! I would definitely love to get more critique on my posts in the future if you ever have time. Have a great day!

      • You’re such a positive person and I sense greatness in your future. There is one thing for sure and that is you have gobbs of talent and that would be natural talent. Your work looks accomplished and to think you’re just a kid. Ooops! Sorry! A young aspiring woman! You will find your niche and I am certain of that. So yes draw, paint, sculpt everyday because each and every work is forever and one day will be thousands of years from now and they will appreciate all that you do as I do…. Good Luck is for you…. claudy

      • mamie says:

        Haha! Thank you so much!!

  8. rlte says:

    Beautiful work. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  9. rlte says:

    You are a magnificent artist. Am proud that you visited my blog.

  10. […] streak that I find very refreshing, I hope you take an opportunity to say hello to Mamie at – I’m very lucky to be able to call her a blogging […]

  11. ĽAdelaide says:

    I’m trying to leave a comment, please excuse if there’s a few!
    Your work is fascinating. I look forward to pouring thru your gallery of posts! Happy that Mary, dear heart, led me to you!

  12. Mamie, I love your artwork and hope to visit again and again.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

  13. Such variety and you do it all with flair…

  14. There are some really wonderful drawings here. I like the work in charcoal, and there are also some very original subjects (sewing machine foot!)

  15. Frances Car-Smith says:

    I just love all of your art work masterpieces.

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