Journals with Flair

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As a project, I have been covering normal, composition books with fun fabrics to sell and earn some extra money. The composition notebooks I’ve made appeal to kids to use for various subjects in school, moms to use for agendas or planners, and any other people to use as journals or to give as cute, useful gifts! Making these journals has been a great way to practice my sewing skills on my sewing machine, and I’ve had the best time sewing away with my flower seedlings in homemade greenhouses all around me (another project!) and my sweet little kitty lying in the sun right under my table. Now, I just have to find a simple place to sell these journals, and I can start earning some extra money for my trip to Peru this summer (yay!) or some cash to use in the future! See here for more about Journals with Flair.

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Artwork on Etsy!

Pieces of original artwork, prints, and custom journals with sewn covers are now available on Etsy for a great prices! The bright drawings and paintings make wonderful gifts and decorations.

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