My name is Mamie, and I’ve lived in Georgia all my life. This, of course, is great because I love the south and I love Atlanta! My family has deep roots in this magical city, so it definitely feels like home. Even though I grew up in Buckhead, my family now lives in a suburb of Atlanta. It’s a great little town with beautiful weather and neighborly people, and what also makes it nice is that it’s not far at all from the busy life in the city!

Anyway, I live with my two siblings and my sweet little pets (my dog Saffy and my two cats, Smudge and Tink). Over the many years of having wonderful pets, I know my life would surely be desolate without them. They bring me so much joy!

Some of my hobbies include ballet, art, gardening, hiking, cooking, reading, and watching movies (classics and new ones too!). A new hobby of mine is now blogging! (I’m very excited to see how it goes…)

2 thoughts on “Me

  1. Eric Coyle says:

    I am an art teacher in the UK and I thought you would like to know that one of my students has written about your Saffy picture when I asked them to write about Fauvism. I had a look at your gallery and was amazed by the range of styles on show. I particularly liked the pages combining drawing and text.
    If you would like to look at some art from our school look for Haberdashers Adams School, Shropshire , UK. If you look in the curriculum section on the art page you can see some examples of work by our advanced students.
    Would you mind if I used some of your text pictures to inspire my students? They are exactly the sort of thing to show how to combine art and graphic design.
    To finish I would like to say that I spent one of the best years of my career teaching in Stockbridge High school (over 20 years ago now) which is about 20 miles south of Atlanta as an exchange teacher, so I have fond memories of Atlanta and the surrounding country.

    All the best.

    • mamie says:

      Reading your comment made my day! It has actually been a while since I’ve updated or even checked on my blogs, so it’s inspiring to hear that all of these posts I published are being read and observed, especially by students. I love that! I’m finishing up my senior year of college with an Art History degree from Washington and Lee University in VA, and looking back at my blogs brought back some great memories of art in high school.
      It’s cool, too, because I traveled around the UK for a week last winter when I was studying abroad in Paris for a semester (Bath, Stonehenge, Eden Project near Plymouth, Edinburgh, London). You all definitely have a beautiful country with rich history and culture. I can’t believe that you taught near Atlanta; what a small world!
      And yes! Feel free to use any of my pictures for your classes; I appreciate that you asked and posted this comment. It’s motivating to me to hear that my art might inspire other artists all the way across the Atlantic Ocean! Hopefully, at some point, I can update this blog a little with more art pieces that I’ve completed since then. Also, I did look at your students’ pieces on your school’s website; thanks for sharing that. That is some incredible work; I loved it! The detail, especially, in all those portraits is beautiful. I can tell that you must have sparked much passion and talent for art in many young lives over the course of your career. Thanks again for reaching out!

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