Cocktail Bird Attack


October 3, 2015 by mamie

Cocktail Bird Attack

This piece was a second stage of my Growing Relationship with Nature piece. I deeply love Mother Earth, but of course we’ve had our chaotic ups and downs. 😛 I’ve always had a mild fear of birds with various episodes here and there.

Actually, quite a while ago in 7th grade, I came into science class in the morning to study, turned to roll my eyes at some annoying person who was brushing up against me, and EEK! Someone had let the parakeet out of its cage!! It was right in my face, and I was totally freaking out; I ended up running out of the room and calming down outside in the hall. Goodness! Its nasty talons could’ve landed on my shoulders or even on my head.

Another time years back, I had a memorable nightmare (in my case, at least) where I was in an enclosed space, like an indoor butterfly garden at Callaway Gardens, except it was full of little birds flying all over the place- sooo many of them, too! The worst part was the GIANT parakeet in the middle of the exhibit with its enormous, sharp beak and creepy, clownish face and dark, beady eyes looking into mine. Thank goodness I woke up alright, but a little while later at my favorite Zoo Atlanta, I discovered a new exhibit just like it opening soon. (!!!) Apparently, I had seen into the future, and my local zoo had betrayed me! The creepy bird exhibit was right across from where the beautiful, loving elephants were, so from then on, I just had to stay closer to my protective friends on the other side.


The Cockatiel Bird

Anyway, you get the point. In this piece of artwork, I made a collage of many joys, fears, fickles, and mysteries of nature. Just now, I actually discovered a whimsy/quirk/fickleness of my own. I just realized that I called this piece of art “Cocktail Bird Attack.” And no, I’m not eating body parts of a creepy pet bird on a plate with cocktail shrimp… I promise. 🙂 I was thinking of the word “cockatoo,” but when I looked up “cocktail pet bird,” I found the bird I was thinking of: a cockatiel bird! It had the clownish face and beady eyes I was especially afraid of (even though I do have to admit that in that picture, he is a little cute). (It’s just that I would be shivering crouched in a corner with chills of fright if I saw him in real life flying around, especially if he were giant-sized. That’s not too pathetic, is it?) And I decided to go with the original name because neither “cockatiel” nor “cockatoo” matches both my idea and the drawing, so I ended up going with the funny, quirky, chaotic name that goes with the whole drawing’s energy.

Nowadays, though, I think my fear of birds is dulling down a bit. As I’m working in my university’s garden, I have a little buddy in his own gated corner who keeps me company. And hey, ducks aren’t so bad!

Chester the Campus Garden Duck

Chester the Campus Garden Duck

2 thoughts on “Cocktail Bird Attack

  1. I like how your drawings are coming off the page!

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