The Mountain Dew Lost and Found

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September 2, 2015 by mamie

Mountain Dew Lost and Found 1

This drawing is another piece of artwork from my Drawing in Place class last spring. Recently, I’ve been hiking, doing some garden work, and exploring some places outside, so I’ve been remembering and missing that wonderful class. It was with a great group of people and some cool projects and hiking trips!

Here, unique from any other art project I’ve done, is a narrative comic-type strip about a rusty, lonesome, older-style Mountain Dew can I found while I was hiking with my class. We were supposed to create a visual story based on any length of time during our hike from the source of a spring to the transformation to the fairly large, flowing river of our Nature Camp base (the place outdoors where our classes were held during that 4-week spring term). For some reason, I became curious about that rusty, old can, picked it up, and got bitten by some ants. It made me wonder just how long the can had been there and what kind of hiking story belonged to drinker of the soda who had dropped the can. My little discovery gave me the perfect chance to create my own visual story including various interesting characters of the forest. I also decided to add my professor’s dog Billy into the story even though I never exactly saw him observing the piece of trash/treasure in reality.

For the materials of this story/piece of artwork, I used a compilation of printed images I both found on the internet and used from my own photographs. Then, I used a new kind of marker I discovered to transfer the ink of each image onto another sheet of paper to form fun collages for plot scenes. Definitely fun stuff! I was really happy with the way it all turned out.


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