Plant Pot with a Diamond Design

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July 21, 2015 by mamie

Plant Pot


Each summer, I love looking through home magazine articles and Pinterest boards and coming up with fun crafty projects to do in my spare time. What I’ve been interested in recently has been “pinning” my favorite designs and patterns and then painting them onto plant pots to later give the plants  a bit of a boost and sparkle. It would even be nice to just paint a blank canvas with a pretty pattern to create a nice piece of wall art. Maybe I’ll do that kind of project next.

Diamond DesignWith this little pot, I used a simple diamond design and changed the colors of the pattern a little. It’s funny because I went to my sorority ADPi’s convention earlier this summer, and without realizing it, this pattern goes with ADPi’s colors and diamond symbol almost perfectly. Because of the match, I might pass this along to one of my sorority sisters with a pretty little plant inside.


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