Leaves and Pinecones


June 15, 2015 by mamie

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These sketches are gesture drawings of leaves and pinecones. In my Drawing in Place course, we collected leaves and tiny hemlock tree pinecones to sketch on a pretty day.

I used to think that drawing something in person instead of from a reference photo was pretty darn challenging, but I’m happy to say it gets easier and easier. (I just have to be sure to not move a whole lot while I’m drawing and check to see that it’s not a windy day.) I’m actually hoping to work from life more often because it’s much more inspiring and feels more creative to embrace the environment you’re in. Now, I understand why the Impressionists and so many other worked en plein air with landscapes. It makes me want to pack my bag and head off to Paris!

Anyway, it was fun to find leaves that were in the most interesting twisted and winded up shapes. Seeing the wispy curves and edges reminded me of windy autumn. As you can see by the “Red Maple” drawing, I originally didn’t know what gesture drawing was. I started off with a 2D outlined leaf shape. Toward the end, though, it was fun to scribble and sketch the pinecones as fast as I could and find different ways to show their forms by only using marks and lines. My class actually found little twigs to use as pens with India ink. In the future, I’ll have to remember to keep my sketchbook with me along my hikes to work on some more exciting sketches.


One thought on “Leaves and Pinecones

  1. agenda19892010 says:

    Great drawing ! Brava! ☺ .

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