Square Foot Space Series


May 18, 2015 by mamie


Series 3

Completed Date: May 2015

Medium: Sticky Notes, pencil, pen, Sharpie

Description: What I love most about this Spring Term “Drawing in Place” course is how it much broadens my perspective and helps me grow to become more creative. Through this class, my professor has continually emphasized that art is much more about the process than about the product or end result. For this reason, we have certainly explored many unusual and fairly quick assignments with unique processes and techniques.

For example, as our first project, we each chose a small section of the ground in the Nature Camp (where we meet for class each day) to study. After sectioning off a square with sticks that were about a foot long, we drew pictures by focusing on various aspects of the area, such as sticks, grass, plants, rocks, animals, etc. We could only use information from that enclosed space, and we had to fill 25 small Sticky Notes with drawings in an hour. After such a short period of time (at least I thought so), I did not consider many of my mostly pencil pieces successful, but since I had the information I needed, I went back and added Sharpie, which I decided I liked better. (At that point, the pieces reminded me of Japanese-style sketches.)

For the next assignment, I was fairly surprised that we had to continue on and reach more specificity and depth by choosing one of the original Sticky Note drawings and complete 25 more drawings by exploring the image further. I decided to go with a moth that I sketched quickly when it landed before in my little area. That second series of 25 Sticky Notes was just in pencil.

Series 2After that, we went one step further and drew on three 4-6 index cards. For this part, our only requirement was to somehow incorporate time. Here, I chose to develop the drawing with different mediums each time (pencil, pen, then Sharpie) and to add more to the background each time. Altogether, it was an interesting little journey, which I would love to use again with other projects. By the end of the three assignments, what I realized was how interesting such a extensive, continuous repetition could be and that not all of the pieces have to always be incredibly successful or exactly what the artist originally expects.

Series 3aSeries 3bSeries 3c


3 thoughts on “Square Foot Space Series

  1. Ellen Smith says:

    way cool!  interesting!  xo  mom 

  2. Mary says:

    Awesome Mamie – wonderful to see how this class is opening your perspective and creativity. I should be doing something like this. Have a beautiful summer.

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