Hello Dear Friend, I Love Today


July 21, 2014 by mamie

Jenny is one of my most favorite people in my life. I met her on my big trip to Peru 2 summers ago, and she helped me make it to the top of the Lares Trail on the toughest hike of my life. I absolutely love her inspiring blog and journey, especially her post today! The graffiti from Ireland “Hello Dear Friend, I Love Today” is going on my wall right away, and I can’t wait to send the letters with the quote off to others, too. You’ll absolutely love this post!At the Peak

Finding Petronella

It all started with this photograph of graffiti on a wall in Ireland:


I didn’t even take the photo, my college roommate Steph did.  I haven’t even been to Ireland.  Steph brought that photo home and framed it on the wall, and it became a part of my subconscious, scrolling through my brain like movie credits on repeat.  I scribbled it in textbook margins, I wrote it on napkins in the dining hall and hid them deep down in the dispenser for someone lucky.  I didn’t really know why I cared about that photo so much, but I couldn’t think of six words strung together that made me happier.

A few weeks ago, my cousin Liz sent an email titled “I Need A Thousand Cranes.”  Shit, I thought when I read the subject line, that means cancer.  In 2009, my family found out that my dad’s brother, Uncle Nick, had terminal…

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2 thoughts on “Hello Dear Friend, I Love Today

  1. thejtall says:

    Oh Mamie, inspiration goes both ways. Thank you for this post – it allowed me to see some of your incredible artwork!! What beauty you send out to the world. I am amazed and overjoyed at the woman you are becoming, and humbled and inspired to hear how much Peru meant to you. Keep doing what you are doing!

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