The Path (Concentration 10)


July 16, 2014 by mamie



Completed Date: 5/8/14

Medium: acrylic, watercolor, Prismacolor, pen

Description: Finally, here is my last piece of this year’s concentration and my last concentration along with my last AP Art class! I have to say that this painting did not turn out at all how I wanted it to. But hey- that’s okay; it just means it’s more objective even for me. I started with the bridge because I loved the interesting values, but then, it was so hard to figure out how to fill in the surroundings, especially with the AP deadlines approaching quickly. It just so happened that I was finishing this piece in a fairly drowsy state late at night. 🙂 Anyway, I still like it, but it would be fun to come back to that reference and try it again in a whole different style.

Below is the poem that I matched with this piece. I wanted to end with this poem because it is one that I recited when I was in third grade and one I have loved ever since. It is from a large poetry book that my grandmother gave me, and the words truly speak to me. What I meant for the painting was to further tell the story of either what happened or what could have happened to the path that Teddy Roosevelt’s sister is explaining. Who knows what the area looked like before the bridge was built in order to create a path that led to somewhere??? Or what it could look like in the future?

Corinne Roosevelt Robinson (1861-1933)


THERE’S a path that leads to Nowhere
In a meadow that I know,
Where an inland island rises
And the stream is still and slow;
There it wanders under willows,
And beneath the silver green
Of the birches’ silent shadows
Where the early violets lean.

Other pathways lead to Somewhere,
But the one I love so well
Has no end and no beginning—
Just the beauty of the dell,
Just the wind-flowers and the lilies
Yellow-striped as adder’s tongue,
Seem to satisfy my pathway
As it winds their scents among.

There I go to meet the Springtime,
When the meadow is aglow,
Marigolds amid the marshes,—
And the stream is still and slow.
There I find my fair oasis,
And with care-free feet I tread
For the pathway leads to Nowhere,
And the blue is overhead!

All the ways that lead to Somewhere
Echo with the hurrying feet
Of the Struggling and the Striving,
But the way I find so sweet
Bids me dream and bids me linger,
Joy and Beauty are its goal,—
On the path that leads to Nowhere
I have sometimes found my soul!


5 thoughts on “The Path (Concentration 10)

  1. Mary says:

    Hi Mamie, so much is coming to a close – congratulations on a great run with the concentrations. You produced an amazing collection and this piece is perfect for your last, as you take a new path that leads to new beginnings. Beautiful work on the bridge, the values produced a fantastic 3-d feel to the piece.

    • mamie says:

      Thank you! I’m mostly happy and feeling accomplished, but just hoping that I can do lots more personal collections down the road. 🙂

      *Mamie *

      On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 9:02 AM, Artistic Imaginings wrote:


  2. Congratulations for your achievement! Love the colors on your last work, the structure is perfectly represented proportion and value wise! Thanks for sharing all your paintings with us Mamie!

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