Falling Apart (Concentration 6)


June 18, 2014 by mamie



Completed Date: 3/5/14

Medium: Prismacolor, pen and ink

Description: This piece is about the meaning of chaos. We all have those times where life is so hectic and frustrating, and we start to question deeper meanings and purposes. Even though those times are stressful and tiring, I know they can only help us appreciate life’s joys. (I guess that’s the main difference between the collapsing house and the stressed out person: the person has more of a chance for self-renovation and repair!)

Anyway, around the shack are random, all-over-the-place words and phrases instead of any poem or song. I think that captures the feeling a bit more. 🙂 Thank goodness that feeling is only temporary and mostly a sign on the road to success!


****As a side note, it’s also funny because looking back on this, I realized that I focused more on the part of the shack that was not so run-down. I think it’s so cool how art can sometimes be so reflective of one’s subconsciousness.



2 thoughts on “Falling Apart (Concentration 6)

  1. Mary says:

    Beautiful writing about your awesome painting. You simplified a complex structure to paint, nice work Mamie!

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