Lonely (Concentration 4)


June 11, 2014 by mamie



Completed Date: 1/14/14

Medium: watercolor, pen & ink

Description: In this piece, I imagined a whole story around all the abandoned objects on the porch of this little green shack by the side of the road. The chairs sitting outside were torn and falling apart in all kinds of weather, and old and broken beer bottles lay scattered around them. Of course, it could have been some messy people who simply moved somewhere else for a new and better home, but I imagined a young woman trapped in a reckless, destructive relationship with an alcoholic. Maybe they used to sit together out on the porch on breezy, summer evenings, but now, he comes home drunk every night and drags her into the dark, desolate shack. Who knows???

Stretched across the torn chairs are the words song Norah Jone’s song “Even Though.” I think she captures the vibe of the gloomy relationship perfectly.

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“Even Though”

Something by the way he touched me was so slow
The way he’d put his arms around me
Even though I’m feeling lonely
I’m feeling lonelyDon’t understand the words he said made me do wrong
But now there is nothing else in my head
And though it’s strong I wish he’d leave me alone
I wish he’d leave me

‘Cause I know trouble will follow
But I have to go, I have to go

‘Cause I know trouble will follow
But I have to go, but I have to go

He makes me think that I don’t know me
So unsure when I remember all the things he showed me
And I want more, I’m feeling lonely
Oh, I’m feeling lonely


2 thoughts on “Lonely (Concentration 4)

  1. Mary says:

    Lovely painting Mamie and words are most fitting.

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