Old Structures from Rural GA Roads (AP Concentration)

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May 10, 2014 by mamie

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For some reason, I’ve always had a connection with shacks. When I stare out windows on road trips, I wonder about old structures I see. I admire the shapes of shacks falling apart and weeds and wilderness winding inside and out the cracks. I imagine the families who lived in the abandoned houses. What stories do they tell? As I was brainstorming ideas for this year’s concentration (12 pieces with the same theme), I remembered my favorite project in 8th grade: studying the Georgian artist, Beverly Buchanan and her shacks. I was feeling the motivation, so I decided to go with it!

To study old structures in Georgia, I drove on the rural roads in my dad’s truck and stopped to take reference pictures of the inspiring spots. (I think it’s so frustrating to try to find good reference pictures online and then have to make them original somehow…) The whole thing was a really great adventure, and we had fun stopping for barbecue to get in the Southern mode. 🙂

I ended up choosing 10 of the photographs along the way and worked with text, color, and design to interpret each piece. I incorporated songs and poems, which I thought went with the overall idea, into each painting, and I also switched up the mediums. Today was actually the day I sent in all my work! Above in the slideshow are a lot of my photographs I started with, and bit by bit, I’ll post each of the 10 Concentrations. Below is my painting from a long time ago that inspired me to keep going with the idea:

A Shack in the Woods


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