Praying Mantis


March 5, 2014 by mamie


Praying MantisbCompleted Date: 10/27/13

Medium: oil pastel

Description: This assignment was to do a portrait of an animal in a creative, interesting way. Well, for me, it turned out to be a more realistic drawing and only creative as far as some of the color choices. When I started, I was deciding between a lizard, a snail, and an insect because I wanted to work with an unusual sort of animal that I didn’t see everyday. Once I started looking, I decided on the praying mantis because I loved all the interesting geometric shapes and patterns in the insect’s form. (Working with shades of pink and green was exciting, too.)

In the end, though, I couldn’t decide if I wanted the insect floating/popping out of the black background or if I should add some more details or values to make the piece seem a little more finished. Eventually, I decided to take a picture of what I had, and then, I added some simple lines of pink to show some perspective/space. Still, I can’t really decide which version I like better. Any ideas or feedback? (With some pieces, I have a hard time deciding when I’m finished…) 🙂

Praying Mantis


2 thoughts on “Praying Mantis

  1. Don says:

    Beautifully depicted. In Africa the Praying Mantis is an insect profoundly backed by a large body of mythology, especially among the disappearing race of the Bushmen. They have some wonderful stories concerning Mantis.

    • mamie says:

      That’s so interesting! I love learning about connections between nature and human history and culture. I’ll have to look up more about the stories; thank you so much.

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