Giselle (Concentration 7)


June 8, 2013 by mamie

Giselle Completed Date: 3/24/13

Medium: acrylic

Description: In the middle of my concentration process, I decided that it would be nice to take what I thought would be a break to use a more simplistic composition and color scheme with patterns and rhythm for the ballet Giselle. Well, with so many dancers to paint, it didn’t exactly give me a break, but I did learn that a painting with simpler themes can sometimes be just as strong as a more complicated painting.

Anyway, in this scene of the classic ballet, a group of ghostly brides walks through the hazy, mysterious night as the moon casts dark shadows on their wedding gowns. In the story, which takes place in Germany, two men, a hunter and a nobleman, fall in love with the beautiful peasant girl Giselle who has a passionate but fragile heart. Giselle, destined for tragedy (of course), falls in love with the disguised nobleman (Albrecht), and when she finds out that he is not a peasant like her, she knows they can never be together. Giselle feels totally betrayed by his deceitfulness; thus, she dies of a broken heart.

When her two downcast lovers come to visit her grave in the cemetery, the creepy, vengeful Wilis appear. The Wilis are the ghosts of all the young brides who have died before their wedding days and who are forced by the wrathful Wili queen Myrtha to dance their lovers and other nearby men to death. All in all, Giselle, who becomes a Wili ghost, is overcome by her everlasting innocent love for Albrecht and in death, grows stronger than the queen. Even though the hunter Hilarion dies in exhaustion after his forced dancing, the passionate Giselle forgives and saves her sweet Albrecht, only holding on by the last few minutes to dawn. Because of her strength, Giselle’s spirit escapes from the curse of the Wilis as Albrecht escapes from the forest in loneliness and sorrow but also with his life.


10 thoughts on “Giselle (Concentration 7)

  1. prewitt1970 says:

    Its beautiful, youve captured the dancers feel very well. Nicely done.

  2. Robyn Lee says:

    Love this – the painting is truly mystical.
    The story of Giselle – excellent as well! 🙂 ~ RL

    • mamiesmith says:

      Thank you! I agree; the story is one of my favorites. Some time soon, I’m going to have to borrow a lot of these DVDs of classical ballets from the library to actually watch (or better yet, buy theatre tickets)! 🙂

  3. Mary says:

    Beautiful and creative – lovely dancers, a very mystical feel to the piece.

  4. kartikasays says:

    Your work is always so inspiring and mystical – it has a wonderful feeling!

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