End-of-the-year Installation Piece in Courtyard

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May 22, 2013 by mamie


The end of the year is always crazy, and this year was no exception! I’ve been so bad about posting on my blog, but from now on, I will have tons of time. 🙂

Last week, in AP Art, we matted all of our work and sent it in to be judged by the College Board. All of us got together to have a nice, little celebration, and it was wonderful to see each person give a presentation about all of their work while their whole online portfolio was on the screen behind them. Every concentration was so interesting, and altogether, this whole year in art was a success for everyone! Some of the cool concentrations included one where my friend focused on human anatomy and opening skin to see an organ tied with ribbon to represent certain diseases, like arthritis, vision problems, and anorexia. She also made each acrylic painting colorful and abstract to make the cross sections a little less gory. Still, the details were amazing. Another one of my friends highlighted the functions of clothes and how they reflect people’s personalities, and another focused on one certain tree standing over and interacting with people in various seasons/ stages of life. Some more concentrations included one about Olympians and another about modern interpretations of fairytales. All of them were great! (In the next few days/ weeks, I’ll finish posting the rest of my ballet concentration paintings.)


. . . Anyway, after all of that last AP work, it was time for our whole class to relax and have a little fun with art, so we worked on some cool installation pieces in our school’s courtyard. We split into three groups, and each group came up with a project idea to alter people’s perceptions about the world and to think a little about art as they walked through the courtyard.


The first group decided to take inspiration from the movie Princess Diaries when Mia and her mom shoot arrows at paint-filled water balloons on a canvas in their fire station apartment-home. The group had a great time during the whole process and decided at the end to add handprints to the canvases for a final touch. They turned out great!


The next group got their idea from various board games and decided to form several colorful pathways in the courtyard, only one of which led to a treasure chest. They laid down painted squares on the grass and up trees (using tape and nails), and the whole project turned out to represent the various paths that all of us go on throughout our lives and where those paths lead
100_6270                    100_6268

Lastly, my group decided to make a life-size video game course. We decided to focus on classic games, like Pak-man and Mario, and we made it seem like everyone who walked through the courtyard was in the game. We ended up making coins for points, a few tunnels, mystery boxes, and other symbols from the games. Unfortunately, since I never played many video games, some of it went over my head, but I still enjoyed it. If we had more time, we could’ve made it even better, too (maybe like an obstacle course…) Oh, well; we only had three days! 🙂 All in all, the project was a great way to end a great year. (Now comes the summer work… Yay!)


100_6259          100_6276


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