A Push for Women’s Rights


November 4, 2012 by mamie

Completed Date: 10/21/12

Medium: mixed media (colored pencil, marker, newspaper)

Description: This is one of my AP Art sketches, and the assignment was to create a piece of narrative art that had something to do with a news story or current event. Recently, I heard about Malala, a fourteen-year-old girl and advocate for women’s right in Pakistan, who was shot by a member of the Taliban, so I decided to use that specific story and the overall struggle for women’s rights in the Middle East as my subject. I used a simple sort of stained-glass-inspired style and also used a few religious symbols and other symbols from literature as hints toward the meaning. For instance, the tree and the pomegranate (sometimes an apple) represent knowledge; the snake wearing the beard and turban and biting the woman’s ankle represents the hindrances and oppression from the Taliban and other groups that hold back Middle Eastern women; and the kite (from the book The Kite Runner that I read this summer) represents hope for the future.

6 thoughts on “A Push for Women’s Rights

  1. kartikasays says:

    Beautiful painting – the symbols are amazing and you’re honoring a woman who deserves to be respected and remembered – I loved the Kite Runner – both the book and the movie!

  2. What a wonderful way to use your talent. Thank you for sharing your art and this very important message.

  3. gonerustic says:

    Art can express so much, and even make a difference to how society sees different issues. Well done for tackling this subject! Have to say I really love your blog banner, too … =D

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