Flower Design (3D)


October 17, 2012 by mamie

Completed Date: 10/14/12

Medium: mixed media

Description: I created this piece to include in my GHP (Governor’s Honor Program) portfolio as my 3D piece. Really, I’ve never studied ceramics or sculpture, so I decided to take a more folk art, creative, found-object-type approach. My inspiration came from a bouquet of flowers I cut from my garden, and I tried to think of what I had around the house to create the abstract 3D design I imagined. (I keep an “art box” under my bed, and that’s where I found the flowers I had pressed a while ago, the wire and beads for jewelry, and the empty tea box I used for the base.) This evening, when I went to my first set of interviews for the summer program, everything went really well. The judges didn’t extremely like this 3D piece, but they gave me some great advice to improve it. (I probably didn’t stress the fact that it was more folk art than my other work; maybe they were expecting something more realistic and professional.) Well, so often, as an artist you just have to create the image you visualize in your mind, throw it out in the world, and hope that people like it. After all, it’s impossible to please everyone, but it is possible to improve.


2 thoughts on “Flower Design (3D)

  1. Mary says:

    Great – nice job and very creative! Mary

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