The Whirlwind


October 10, 2012 by mamie


Completed Date: 9/30/12

Medium: mixed media (newspaper and acrylic paint)

Description: I created this piece for a narrative project based on family in AP Art. I had trouble trying to come up with one specific family event to describe, so I decided to focus on the simple meaning of family and a simple representation of this meaning, instead. Really, my painting can mean whatever the viewer wants it to mean, and I still think about what it means to me. For instance, I tried to create depth with the background to contrast with the flat images of people cut out of newspaper to explain that even though I sometimes get pulled under into the depths of life, my family is always simply my safety at the surface to pull me up and help me along. Even though I may do crazy things or make mistakes, that unconditional love is always there waiting. Also, the newspaper collage making up the people in the family represent how complicated and different each person could be, but still that circle and connection pulls the family together. Of course, I had to include my pets because to me, animals are part of the family; they’re family members, and sometimes they can work to hold the family together. (I don’t know what I would do without my dog Saffy and my two cats Smudge and Tink.) More hidden meanings are in the movements and details of each family member because every family has its personality and little quirks.


2 thoughts on “The Whirlwind

  1. Gingy says:

    What were the quirks for me?! 🙂

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