River Street Promenade Abstraction


September 7, 2012 by mamie

Completed Date: 5/23/12

Medium: colored pencil

Description: For my final art project last year, I chose to create a colorful abstraction of a photo I took when I went to Savannah, GA for Spring Break. I modeled my work after Van Gogh (focusing on his use of color and patterns) and also the creative and vivid illustrations and landscapes by Dr. Seuss in all of his books. The reason I kept the bench, the sidewalk, and the wall (the human-made objects) in their original colors (unlike everything else) was to highlight the mystery and beauty in nature that we, as humans, sometimes walk past and even destroy in our everyday life. It always breaks my heart to drive for miles and miles to see only concrete and brick all around me and then to suddenly notice an out-of-place deer or rabbit that has become homeless because of construction-crazy humans over time. Also, to think of all the little havens in nature, like this promenade in Savannah, makes me realize that there would be so many more of these beautiful places without all of our buildings and cities. It makes me think of a picture book that I read when I was little that has a parallel to the environment (Bill Peet’s The Wump World). The book really made me think and appreciate our natural world years later. Overall, my drawing isn’t supposed to be depressing and full of guilt, though; the color and life is supposed to represent the hope for the future that we can bring to life if each person realizes that our natural world is definitely worth saving.


4 thoughts on “River Street Promenade Abstraction

  1. dragonfly288 says:

    It’s a beautifu piecel! I like the vibrate color you use. The bench is just right where you put it. Good work! Keep up.

  2. ArtbyLinz says:

    Excellent use of color! Love it.

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