Brave (2012)

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July 9, 2012 by mamie

—3 STARS— 

Well, after seeing all the commercials on TV and the snapshot of the movie during an episode of The Bachelorette, I certainly had to go see Brave for myself in the theatre! I have to say that overall, I was a little disappointed. The animation and the music were really outstanding, but the middle of the movie was really slow.

I was expecting Merida to go on some big adventure, discover the world, and meet a really cute guy that she actually wanted to marry or something, but she actually ended up staying really close to home. For me, there really wasn’t enough change of scenery or action; I got way too familiar with the setup of the castle/ lodge where Merida and her family lived.

Also, the movie turned out to be more of a mother-daughter bonding story about teenage rebellion than a story about bravery. I do have to admit that the movie did get me a little emotionally caught up in the story. 🙂 I was sitting right by my mom, and we found both of ourselves laughing and crying together at certain parts. (Merida’s little brothers were pretty mischievously entertaining!) One thing that surprised me was how violent and scary some parts would be for little kids. There were lots of scenes with bears, and wow, they really got up into your face! I actually had to jump back in my seat a couple of times in shock…

Basically, Brave was a really cute movie to see but also a little bit of a letdown plot-wise. One thing is for sure, though; I am definitely looking into buying that soundtrack!

Reminded me of: the highland games at Stone Mountain, the book The Doom Stone by Paul Zindel, and for some random reason- the movie Shrek (maybe for the animation, the fantasy, or the human-monster transformation theme)


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